2018 Conference

The ANNA Executive, Exhibitor Group and Orica is pleased to announce the 2018 ANNA Conference will be September 16th to 21st, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada hosted by Orica Carseland.  Mark that date on your calendars.  More information will follow as the details of the conference develops.

Peter Hein Retires from ANNA

Peter Hein has decided to retire from the ANNA Executive after many years of dedicated service.  Peter  knowledge and contributions will be missed during all the discussions.  Each year Peter was instrumental in collecting the presentations for the conference and running the audio visual.  Peter will still be active in the industry and can be contacted at peter.hein@csbp.com.au.

If you like to become involved with the ANNA Executive please let David Hind know.

ANNA Website

April 27, 2015 : The ANNA Website has been rebuilt on a new platform with a modern new look.  The website now supports mobile devices.  We also included the ability to join the mailing list which will provide updates to the conference in you inbox.  

Translation Services

Over the years the ANNA executive has received requests to provide translation services.  After much consideration, a policy has been developed.

"The primary goal of ANNA is networking and sharing of technical information to ensure safe, efficient operation of ammonium nitrate and nitric acid facilities. In order to maximize participation at the conference, the communication language is English. No translation services are provided and it is recommended that delegates can communicate in English.

The option of a group of delegates providing their own translation services during presentation was considered and rejected since this would not meet the primary goal of ANNA and significantly reduce participation of these delegates."